Hagley Road Stock Broker Gets New Tailor-Made LED Digital Ticker Signs

Hardy Digital has recently installed two stock tickers at Equitrade Capital. Equitrade Capital is a boutique stockbroker firm, employing various techniques to capitalise on the information available in the global economic market to help its clients make effective investment decisions. Their new sign is one such initiative. 

Hardy Digital, a dedicated department of Hardy Signs Ltd, is one of the most recognised and preferred signage suppliers in the United Kingdom.

Innovation and technology has always been a key point for success at Hardy Signs and the increasing requirement for dynamic and creative display techniques has become the foundation for Hardy Digital. The company offers a wide range of digital solutions to an existing and expanding client base in the UK.

Amarjet Snehi, MD of Equitrade Capital Ltd comments “Ticker tapes were the earliest digital electronic communications medium, transmitting stock price information over paper telegraph lines, in use from 1867 to 1960s. We are delighted with the digital sign provided by Hardy Digital utilising the latest technology and allowing us to electronically transmit stock market data at our offices”

These ticker boards come in tailor-made protective casing for external use. “They are 100% weather proof, but how they withstand the storms on the stock market is an entirely different matter!” comments Nik Hardy, MD of Hardy Signs.

Hardy Digital supply and install digital display solutions to a wide range of industries including hotels, football stadiums, schools and colleges. This new installation has demonstrated the flexibility of Hardy Digital.

LED digital tickers are highly popular and can be commonly found in all major business and financial districts worldwide.

If you would like to find out more about LED digital ticker signs or to arrange a Free Demo of our digital display solutions please call us on 01283 569102, or email us on sales@hardysigns.co.uk

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