Upgrade your Marketing Strategy with Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the most effective marketing mediums. As customers are more screen savvy, businesses are integrating digital signage into their multichannel marketing strategy.

Multichannel marketing helps businesses to interact with their customers or prospects using a combination of communication channels to help them choose your product or service using a channel of their choice.

A recent retail report by Econsultancy concludes that a quarter of organisations deem multichannel campaign management to be one of their top priorities.  Digital signage offers a seamless experience across multiple channels. With the advancement of new touch technology, digital displays offer dynamic content.

Digital displays are immensely popular across all sectors of industry right now. With the advancement in touch screen hardware and software, touch screens are not limited to small displays such as mobiles phones, tablets, ATMs etc. As reported by RichMedia Technologies 63% of people agreed that digital signage catches their attention.

One of the key advantages of digital signage is its cost effectiveness. It supersedes the need for expensive reprinting and enables campaigns to be personalised and updated remotely.

Nik Hardy, MD Hardy Signs & Digital stated “Many retailers enquire about ways to interact with their customers whilst in their stores. With the new touch technology and more advanced touch screen displays, now is the best time to engage shoppers.”

Touch screen displays can further promote any deals and offers and also highlight flagship products.

“Digital signage is no longer limited to displaying simple slide shows. With new touch technology digital signage opens up a whole new channel for brand promotions and marketing” remarked Nik Hardy.

Hardy Digital supplies a range of indoor and outdoor digital displays. “Digital signage serves a variety of industries and applications. Our new competitively priced digital range allows our customers to be both creative and imaginative” commented Shail Chauhan, Marketing Manager of Hardy Signs & Digital.

Hardy Digital offers Free Digital Demo’s at the company’s HQ in Burton on Trent. Demos can be arranged by calling 01283 505 706, emailing demo@hardydigital.co.uk or via our demo request page at www.hardydigital.co.uk.

Hardy Digital® is a dedicated department of Hardy Signs Limited, one of the most recognised and preferred signage suppliers in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of digital solutions to an existing and expanding client base nationwide.

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