Hardy Signs are ‘Talk of the town’ with exhibition trailers

Lichfield is probably an unlikely location for one of the UK’s leading exhibition trailer hire companies, but its central UK location provides a significant advantage to hirers and renters alike.

The brainchild of entrepreneurs Martin and Lindsey Parnham, TCM hire a range of exhibition, roadshow, event and merchandising trailers to a growing roster of big brand named businesses, like Virgin Media, Sky, e.on, EDF Energy, Love Film as well as smaller individual clients.

Their latest project featured the re-branding on currently 8 twin-axle trailers with hydraulic lift-up or wind-out canopies and wing panel doors for expanding broadband and communications provider, TalkTalk; and TCM called in Burton’s Hardy Signs for the vinyl wrap of the exteriors of these trailers, as well as internal corporate displays using foamex panels. TCM now specialises in small to medium-sized trailers for customer acquisition campaigns. They are market-leaders in high street promotions, placing their clients directly in the path of their potential customers in over 300 locations across the country.

“A seemingly standard project was made more interesting for our teams as each trailer is marginally different in terms of the requirements for the vinyl wrap”, added Hardy signs’ Design Manager, Adam Bates .

“TCM Trailers were very open-minded on this project. As their website says you can talk to a real person rather than a disembowelled voice which must make them a far more approachable business”.

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